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 All About Rohan Online

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PostSubject: All About Rohan Online   Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:27 pm

You can find everything about this game in http://rohangame.vault.ign.com/

click and enjoy


> Rohan Online
- Story of Rohan
- User Interface/Controls
- Reviews (3 Total)
- FAQ (Updated 3/5/08 )
- Introducton

> Information
- Backpack Info
- Bloodline System
- Bonus Exp System (Mkill)
- Card Game System
- Fishing Info
- Guild Guide
- Mounts (Types/Price/Pics)
- Pet System
- Points/Stats Info
- PK/PvP System
- Skill Stone System
- Teleport System
- Item/Weapon Synthesis
+ About Orbs
- Decreasing Requirements

> Characters
- Human Class
+ Human Knight Skills
+ Human Guardian Skills
+ Human Defender Skills
- Elf Class
+ Elf Healer Skills
+ Elf Priest Skills
+ Elf Templar Skills
- Half Elf Class
+ Half Elf Archer Skills
+ Half Elf Ranger Skills
+ Half Elf Scout Skills
- Dhan Class
+ Dhan Assasin Skills
+ Dhan Avenger Skills
+ Dhan Predator Skills
- Dekan Class
+ Dragon Fighter Skills
+ Dragon Knight Skills
+ Dragon Sage Skills
- Dark Elf Class
+ Dark Elf Mage Skills
+ Dark Elf Warlock Skills
+ Dark Elf Wizard Skills

> Maps/NPC Locations
- World Map
- Region Maps
- NPC Location Town Maps
- Crystal Quarry Monster Map
- Ahkma Monster Map
- Lauke Monastary Monster Map
- Aevraury Monster Map
- Armenes Monster Map
- Del Lagos Monster Map
- East Bahran Island Monster Map
- Geizan Monster Map
- Liom Monster Map
- Varvylon Monster Map

> Equipment List
- 1 Handed Axes
- Bows
- Crossbows
- Daggers
- Katars
- Maces
- Staffs/Staves
- 1 Handed Swords
- Wands
- Zens

> Armors
- Leather
- Heavy Leather
- Elven
- Elemental
- Protective/Destruction
- Dark Protector
- Red Dragon
- Mithril Protector
- Tormaline
- Black Dragon
- Blood Protector
- Apatite Protector
- Benzaru Protector
- Noyde Protector
- Graham Protector
- Natu Protector
- Ka'el Protector

> Extra
- Female Hairstyles
- Male Hairstyles
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PostSubject: Another resource   Thu Jan 22, 2009 2:31 am

This is another helpful site when looking for info about Rohan.

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PostSubject: May I ask something?   Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:11 pm

Hi everybody,

I couldn't sleep well, woke up, play Rohan, but server is under maintenance, so I guess I'd just post a question in this forum. It's about buying things in rp.

Yesterday, Eih mentioned someone selling an earring in rp which I think is a nice piece (it was dex+12 earring worth 100rp or equivalent to 1M crones). Could someone explain to me how to buy item mall with crones? or maybe how to convert crones to rp? Is the item mall system in Rohan good enough because the other day I remember someone in our guild had trouble getting his item mall?

Thank you for your help, I hope I can soon go grinding Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: All About Rohan Online   Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:20 pm

Let me try to answer thisone....be patientwith this crappy computer......
Exchange Market is internet sales through Rohan website.You need real money or credit to purchase items there.Inaddition,you must join the exchange by buying a membership.Once you have themembership, you purchase RohanPoints (RP's) through one of the options offered:PayPal, and there areseveral others thatmake you put up either your bank account or a credit card to back your purchases.
Once you are a memberof the exchange,you can purchase items and transfer them to your rohan chars. You are making your purchases directly from other Rohan players here. You can also send items from the game (via the little chest on the right side of your screen) to sell for RP's to others. You can buy crones,items, or even chars on the exchange market. Be advised you need to makesure all your transactions are "server" specific. That is,you want everything you do to occur on Marea server.

Item Mall sales are fromYNK. You are purchasing directly from their on-line store.The xp scrolls, the permanent mounts, the costumes,etc. can all be purchased using RP's. The same RP purchase instructions as above for the ExchangeMarket. You do not need to be a member of the exchange market to purchase from the Item Mall. The items you purchase will be found in the little itemmall chest on the right side of your screen.
Tip:if you purchase items while in-game with your account,they may not be available until you re-log,unless you leave something in the chest at all times. I try to keep a firework(only 1rp) in the chest at all times, so i can access my purchases instantly.

The only place that you can use "crones" to purchase items is in-game. Either from other players, npc's, or consignment. Many of us have trouble using consignment. Sometimes,if you have trouble usingconsignment in one town, another town works better. Icannot purchase from consignment in any town without using a "merchant's soul lucky". Don't know why,but that's the way it works for me.

Hope this helps.
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PostSubject: Aaawww too bad   Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:24 pm

Aaaaawww I guess I won't get hold of things sold at exchange market.

Thank you for your explanation, Ann. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Rohan Indonesia bot free beta test   Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:10 am

Rohan Indonesia bot free beta test
Current version is free to use, which includes the following features:
1)auto target mobs
2)auto use skills
3)auto picking
4)back town when bag full(stop botting after back town)

More features will be added in the following versions.
The download is available on BotsMall homepage at the moment. I love you Surprised
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PostSubject: Re: All About Rohan Online   

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All About Rohan Online
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