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 Templar Job Change Quest

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PostSubject: Templar Job Change Quest   Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:35 am

hello, folks!
Anniki asked me to take notes on the quest as I did it, and post the information on here, so here it is.

The quest was pretty darn easy. The first part just includes traveling around talking to different people, and you should have no problem getting through it. eventually, it will send you to talk to Lacriss who is in Lauke Monestary. He/She'll instruct you to find the box of spiritual eyes at Armana Manor. It's easy enough to find. the box is sitting at the top of the stairs, at the far north end of the manor. after that, you'll be sent to kill the Amazon King, and his followers. take a portal stone to Limestone Foothill. follow the river north of the bindstone to the east. just stick close to the cliff, and you'll eventually run into them. the mobs are no real problem whatsoever.

After you've turned in that portion, you are sent to find materials used to make a mace for you. head to the Goddess Fountain. the area you actually need is technically north of the fountain. on the north side of the fountain, you should find a path going up the cliff you can follow with a giant bird, and pixies at the top of it. the boxes you want should be right in front of them. open up the boxes, and kill the golem's when they pop up. do it 5 times, then go back to Vena and turn it.

Time for the last part. Make your way to Crystal Quarry. the mob you're supposed to kill Kalidarr the Magic Armor. He's invulnerable to magic, so you're going to have to use the hammer you received from the previous section to kill him. He's on the second level, in the far southern room. take out his two lackeys first with your magic, then switch to the hammer and kill him. he's extremely weak for a boss, and you should have no problems taking him out. head back to Vena and turn it in to finish it up and become a templar. Smile

I apologize for any lack of information, seeing that I didn't take very detailed notes, but I think you should be more than able to finish it up. good luck, and have fun with it.
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PostSubject: Re: Templar Job Change Quest   Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:42 am

thx man, im sure that will be very helpful! What a Face
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Templar Job Change Quest
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