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 FriendS do not Bot!!

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PostSubject: FriendS do not Bot!!   Thu Jan 22, 2009 2:28 am

Let's talk a bit about botting.
FriendS guild is definitely anti-bots!!
And as much as it hurts to lose friends and guildmates. Members found botting will be immediately removed from the guild, probably be pk'd when found botting, and generally lose the respect of those that know them.

We have lost several members just recently. And we have confronted some others that "looked" like they were botting.

PLEASE pay attention to who is around you when your are grinding.
Try to keep your chat to "All" so you can see if people are talking to or confronting you.
RESPOND in chat immediately if someone is talking to you or saying your name in the chat!!

It's easy to look like you are botting if you are grinding in a pattern. (I know i do a nice bot imitation myself.) And, i do not always see who is around me until the last minute, or if someone steals my kill. If you have "party" chat on, you do not see people speaking in "general" or "all" when standing right next to you; the next thing you know, someone tries to pk you, thinking you are botting.

It breaks my heart to lose friends who are botting, but botting is cheating. The majority of us do not bot. We play the game and put in our time to make the next level without afk programs doing the work for us. I'd rather party with you and lose my xp to you, to help you level, than to see you bot. Please take care. Call on me anytime to help with grinding if it becomes tedious or too boring. Or even if you just want some company - i can be a decent guard and provide a little diversion with conversation.

If you have been removed from the guild and think you have been falsely accused of botting, please pm guilderoy and give him your explanation. We're all human and even though we call a party to witness the pattern and non-response, you still may not have seen us, or may not have seen the chat. It can happen. We do not want to lose honest members by our error.

Be safe........

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PostSubject: Re: FriendS do not Bot!!   Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:00 am

I am going to start a list of the members who were found to be botting and removed from the guild. Please add to this list, so that veterans will recognize the names and not re-invite them back to the guild.
1. GreenInsecticide
2. TotoyaKabe
3. Anisha
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PostSubject: Re: FriendS do not Bot!!   Fri Jan 23, 2009 8:22 am

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PostSubject: Re: FriendS do not Bot!!   

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FriendS do not Bot!!
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