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 Lvl 35 solo quest

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PostSubject: Lvl 35 solo quest   Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:40 pm

You pick this quest up from Lacriss in Lauke Mortuary (Mortuary, Monastery, same thing). Vena.
The quest requires you to solo kill Specters until you have acquired 30 (random droppping) Spirit Bowls.
Your choice of location for the Specters.
Return your bowls to Lacriss back at the Monastery.
Reward: A full set of darkness armor.
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PostSubject: Lvl 50 solo quest   Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:44 pm

I will add to this when I remember more the most import is to read the discriptions from each of the profession trainers in the back of Vena. The Templar quest is from the first lady in the door way the Preist quest is from the NPC in the back room to the right. PLEASE note once you have accepted the quest from either your on the path for that profession so make sure that you understand before you accept the quest which path you are going.

The solo Elf quests are really easy mostly you run around and talk to people the last quest you are given for the Priest is to kill the flighting monster by the fountain (back by the large bags which was one of earlier solo quests). Now it did take me some time to find her and her little friends up the hill so here is where she is. If you go past all of the nobles run the right side of the cliff when you get near the back right hand corner look straight up the hill you should see a small path way that you can go up, once you get about 3/4 up the hill you will see the monster you have to kill. Kill the lv 50 ? and her little lv 1 friends and your done just go back to vena and turn in the quest. You will now be a priest !!! and can heal the crap out of your fellow guildies.

You may want to take a back-up healer with you for the Pixi Queen, while you are certainly able to heal yourself, another healer to keep watch over you cannot hurt. Plus it's really nice to have a few friends for company on this journey
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Lvl 35 solo quest
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