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 Knight Solo quests

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PostSubject: Knight Solo quests   Sun Dec 21, 2008 4:13 am

K, since Baylor just did the level 25 solo, this one is fresh in my mind.

Questgiver is Buddy Castle right at the entrance. He sends you to see Benedicto the monk near the back of the castle. Benedicto says go open safes and get 10 reports at Trichia Seminary. (just up the hill from where you killed the leprachauns). The safes are really slow to respawn, you just have to wait for em. you do not need to kill a thing, just give the skeletal archers a wide berth. Return the papers to Benedicto and you're done!
Reward is a bit lame: Your choice 5 lesser healing remedies or 5 lesser mana remedies.

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PostSubject: Knight lvl 35 solo quest   Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:38 pm

Questgiver is Benedicto at Einhornen. He sends you to speak to LaCris at Lauke Monastery. LaCris tells you that someone has stolen the key to the book depository and probably you can find it in the specters. Make your way through all the mobs to the specters (almost at the entrance to Demon Hezward). Kill two milliion specters 'til the key drops. Take the key to the book safe found in the room immediately before the specters, and open the safe. Return to LaCris for your reward of a full set of darkness armor.
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Knight Solo quests
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