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 The Mage Quests

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PostSubject: The Mage Quests   Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:23 am

Since my dark elf was the first one that i did much with, she is the one i saved the most info on...
when it comes to the solo quests, many are the same for all races. There are several, however, that apply only to the dark elf.
I'll try to hit the solo quests and label them in their order.
Feel free to ask for info ingame, mages are near and dear to ma heart Wink AND if you have more information than what i have posted here, please add to it!!

As a future warlock, my build was 3 int:1 vit, til level 50. I then switched to 4 int: 2 vit at lvl 50. The intelligence skills are on the left side of the skill tree.

As a future wizard, the suggested build is 3 psych:1 vit to level 50, then 4 psych:2 vit. After getting the health and mana coils from the left hand side of the skill tree, you want to concentrate on selecting skills that are psych fueled on the right.

Many wizards and warlocks have been able to go pure int or psych, your choice, but in the early levels you will find yourself a bit squishy..... awe, we're always a bit on the squishy side anyway, but we deliver the best damage in the quickest amount of time, IMHO.

Since we are so vulnerable to melee attack, you'll want to make your armor with as much pdef as possible. Mana is not much of a problem, and you can usually get some recovery option to put on your staff. BTW, dark elves can only use staffs and daggers.

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PostSubject: Level 35 Solo   Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:24 am

This one can be difficult, much easier if you can recruit a small party to back you up and keep you alive at this level.

Word of caution, make sure you have enough open spaces in your inventory to keep each of the 50 petals; they do not stack....

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PostSubject: Lvl 50 Job Change Quests, Warlock or Wizard?   Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:26 am

The quest chain is about 6 long. Again, if possible bring a support party along while you solo this, is extremely better survival rate.
This first link is to the job change for Warlock.


This is the path to take for the wizard...


After searching high and low, i finally went and talked to King George in Montt, low and behold, my missed lvl 50 solo!!
Just north of Montt, at the senate hall, reside the two little level one chancellors. They pack quite a punch and killed me the first time i tried taking them, feel free to bring a healer to keep you alive, with solid healing, they were not so difficult to kill.
Reward: +15 int (your choice of attribute) ring with +200 HP.

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PostSubject: Lvl 52 & 55 & 58 Solo Quests   Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:28 am

Level 52 Solo Quest

Yep, found another missing quest from Norberto at the entrance to Rahkon.
Norberto's wish is that i kill the chained taurics down the hall until I find a key.
Key found and heading to the left from the entrance to the taurics, norberto's box opens.
Take the contents back to Norberto.
Norberto sends you to see Ghoster in the shrouded mansion.
Ghoster, in turn, sends you to Toaz in the Geizan map, just a bit farther up the road from Graf and his buddies. And finally this quest is complete!

Lvl 55 Solo Quest

Jerop at Limestone has a few spicy words to say about the merchant's problems and sends you to kill Chaos Ursa until you have garnered 50 pages of his account books. Chaos Ursa of your chosing...... No xp for killing these Ursa, because of course you are much higher level than them, you can wand them do death if you like.
Reward: Full set of Rhodium armor, +16 P def, +16 M def

Level 58 Solo Quest

Upon returning to Jerop, he sends you to kill the Chaos Drakes. Same place as the Ursa, but these guys are level 60's, so at least there is XP involved while killing for the random drops.
Reward: Full set of Tourmaline armor, +20 P def, +20 M def.

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PostSubject: Level 60 & 62 Solo Quests   Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:33 am

Limestone again, and Jerop most generously gives you your fishing pole and tells you to bring back 5 elusive rainbow trout. Great frustration ahead, i know......
OK, so I procrastinated on the fishing, but finally came up with 5 trout at level 65. Turned in the trout to Rima, the queen of Vena. She tells me thanks, come back when you are level 62. Since I am already past that level, i turn around and come back to her, but she does not want to talk to me. I re-log, more than once, and still she does not want to talk to me. WTH??

After searching the forums, afraid that i have just surrendered 16 Million Crones in worthless trout, i read that i must have in my possession, not only the Queen's pendant, which she just gave to me, but the Faith of Pluion from a lvl 50 quest.
I have the item, but i am wearing it, taking it off and putting in my inventory (along with the pendant) and now she will speak with me.
She sends me to get permission from the King of Einhornen to kill the ghost of the Baron. King says fine, just do it! So, gathering my guildmates and an ally from Ankh we take down the Baron and all is well. Back to the King of Einhornen and I receive the reward. Nice ring of choice with +200 health +20 Int. All's well that ends well.
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PostSubject: Level 66 Solo Quest   Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:35 am

Ok guys this quest is kind of a joke Rolling Eyes
but you pick up the solo quest in Einhoren from the king; then go to Lime and talk to the NPC.
Go past the Shrouded mansion. On your map you should see a small island at C9 - just get next to the bridge. Go there and kill an Aqua Archer (they are lv 1) -
Only 1, that's it your done !!
Go back to Lime and collect your reward. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: The Mage Quests   

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The Mage Quests
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